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The University Day


The University Day

Representative of the Al Kindy College of Medicine  under the auspices of the college Dean and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and a group of professors and representatives from the Media Unit and informatics, where was the first presentation at the hall of the Al Shaheed al-Hakim, several  words thrown by  professors of university , special speech given  by The President Of The University Of Baghdad, which he referenced  to the founding of the university and its evolution during the period of 57 years and explained the steps to be taken for the development of the university and all the faculties and their effectiveness. Our college has been involved in the celebration with a wide range of images and activities and scientific books and college scientific journals and college social journals which is visited by The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the President of the University  as they admired  exhibition ,the President of the University and our college Dean had discussion about the new syllabus. The photographer of the college take several pictures of the college's activities and meetings as well as  the celebration.




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