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In The Name of God Most Gracious Most Merciful


While I express my deep thanks for your interest in Al-Kindy College of Medicine website, I take a great pleasure in introducing our college in this short paragraph. 

Al Kindy College of Medicine is the second medical college in University of Baghdad. It was established in 1998 just beside Al-Kindy Teaching Hospital.  The MBChB degree is given to the student after finishing the six year course. The first graduation ceremony in this college was done in Summer, 2005.

Al Kindy College of Medicine is committed to support the community with physicians who are qualified in the diagnosis and treatment of its health problems and who have the ethics of the profession. The college also seeks for enriching the medical specialties with the researches that helps in solving health problems in our society.

In spite of the difficulties we had faced in Iraq, the educational program for the bachelor stage was completely developed to be identical with the national academic reference standards as well as the international references and to fulfill the needs of the society. We intend to incorporate evidence based as well as problem based practices in our new curriculum. We are still in the beginning but we believe that we are enthusiastically changing forward to reach the international standards in medical education


May God bless you and safe Iraq


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