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Obesity Unit In Al-Kindy collage of medicine Obesity Unit In Al-Kindy collage of medicine

Obesity research and therapy unit , is one of the research units of Alkindy college of Medicine . With its interest in research regarding obesity and its complications  it gives health supports and management  for  Obese. The Unit is equiped with advance research lab and sport hall. New Gym Machines has been brought recently .  Obese will get benfit from these facilities under supervision of specialists  interested in the fileld of obesity . The Unit is the first in country that give such services to population.

A persevere result A persevere result

Sowed seriously has resulted and this is the time for picking in Al- Kindy collage of medicine, Currently leads our Dear students their  final exams to get a result of their outstanding efforts during the academic year of hard, perseverance and scientific research

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