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even air is not safe in Iraq even air is not safe in Iraq

Assess Al-kindy college of medicine within a weekly activities of continuing education unit at the college educational lectures in various fields of science in general and with medical fields in particular

Lupus Erthematosus Lupus Erthematosus

Under the direct care of the Al Kindy Education Centre Of Dermatology part of the Arab Council for Medical Specialties and hosted by Al Kindy Medical College

Peace on the nation Peace on the nation

Iraqi students are the builders of Iraqi society, as they are the future of Iraq .it is within the attention and parental care of the deanship and staff of Al Kindy Medical College the Dean and Associate Dean for Student Affairs and a number of professors of the College visited and a group of students from the fifth year visited the student Sadiq Ali Radi the second year student , which was injured in the blast

Curriculum Curriculum

We at al- Kindy collage of medicine always work to keep up with all that elevation that would assessment the scientific movement .As a part of the plan for the new curricula of medical collage

Concerns In Student Assessment In Al Kindy College Of Medicine Concerns In Student Assessment In Al Kindy College Of Medicine

Among the ongoing weekly events that held in Al Kindy Medical College as apart of Continuing Education lectures which present weekly on Wednesdays that discussed a various kinds of research and scientific reports , Dr. Youssef Abdul-Rahim gave lecture about the new curriculum currently used in college

The opening of new classrooms The opening of new classrooms

Within a series of renewed events that abound in Al Kindy College of Medicine, opening a modern classrooms equipped with the latest medical devices and office Furniture in a Consulting building in the  college in order to accommodate with the growing numbers of students

Modern Educational Halls Modern Educational Halls

Al Kindy Medical College distinguish with sophisticated and modern development, it is within the update adopted by the college of their facilities, the Dean of the College instruct using Electronic Whiteboard and The Medical E-learning inside classrooms

developement in Internet service developement in Internet service

With God's blessing and sponsorship Al-Kindy collage of Medicine opening an integrated wireless network cover the whole college with online and super-fast service where can now all employees, students and teaching staff of the college use the wireless Internet.

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