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Seminar curriculum updated Seminar curriculum updated

With the presence of The Dean of  Al kindy Medical College and esteemed members of the modernizing curricula committee and a number of members in the basic medicine departments  and representatives of the student from first, second , and thidr year held a seminar to discuss the process of updating curriculum of the Al Kindy Medical College

Scientific Symposium Scientific Symposium

In cooperation with Mipha pharmaceutical company and Al-Kindi Teaching Hospital two lectures were gave on the  Recent advances in oral hypoglycemic  by M.D.Ali Saadi, and representative of the company and the lectures was attended by a number of college professors and doctors from Al-Kindi Teaching Hospital

The Largest Graduation Ceremony in Iraq The Largest Graduation Ceremony in Iraq

The celebrations for the graduates of the University of Baghdad , the Fifty-six course  " coexistence and  loving ",held in the playgrounds  of college of Physical Education ,Jadiriyah Compound.   Representative of the President  and Mr.  representative of the Prime Minister and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Ali Al-Adeeb

Academic Calendar Academic Calendar

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced that the academic calendar for the academic year 2013 - 2014, specified on Sunday, September fifteenth of the current date for the start of the first semester.

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