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Controversial of life and death Controversial of life and death

One of the most important science completely dominant on our lives is the science of physics, everything in the universe is subject to the laws of physics, starting from gravity and ending with the smallest parts of life which is the nucleus of the atom

Iraqi board Iraqi board

Sponsors our mother university Baghdad University always everything would promote the scientific movement in general ,We in Al-Kindy college of medicine always imitate our mother University and support all what would develop and promote the Iraqi medical scientific movement.

Graduation Celebration Graduation Celebration

  Sun sown its rays to declare the beginning of a new day full of optimism and announce the end of the academic career for graduates of the eighth session of the students of Al-Kindy college of medicine.

Creativity and Excellence Creativity and Excellence

We nurture creativity and excellence that is our slogan in Al Kindy Medical College and also is the slogan of scientific care Department in the Ministry of Youth

Golden graduated session Golden graduated session

Motherhood is a deep word,the mother is the source of care and diligence which is not represented in a specific person, but she is a full institution sponsoring and responsible for progress and creativity of her children and this is the exact description of our mother university Baghdad University.

 first  Youth Festival scientific first Youth Festival scientific

University Sponsored by the Minister of Youth and Sports TheEngineer Jassim Mohammed Jaafar held at Baghdad - Faculty of Sciences the first scientific Youth Festival

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