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continuing  learining activities continuing learining activities

 Within a series of weekly activities which Al-Kindy college of medicine seeking continuously   popularized within continuing education activities, the first one in title "Concept of research” and the second in title "Nano technology” 

AL-Kidy College of Medicine provides free wireless Internet service for its students AL-Kidy College of Medicine provides free wireless Internet service for its students

Within global quality standards and reliability that Al-Kindy College of Medicine seeking it always, has been provide Wi-Fi service which is free for students college, that  is the latest addition to the internet in the college, which include scientific departments in addition the students library

The  Dean meeting  students The Dean meeting students

Always our College Al-Kinidy college of medicine seek to achieve all that would lead to raise teducational level and the Iraqi scientific movement he in order to raise the name of Iraq high and make the name of the University of Baghdad fluttering in the sky high scientific movement

Blood Pressure Blood Pressure

Under the slogan disease, high blood pressure, popular for clinicians established on land of the conference room of Al-Kindy college of Medicine one of the formations of Baghdad University scientific seminar addressed the issue of blood pressure disease

Development towards a knowledge-based society Development towards a knowledge-based society

Under the slogan development towards a knowledge society and sponsored by the Minister of Higher Education esteemed professor Ali Mohammed Hussein al-Adeeb, held on the land of Al-Nahrain University scientific conference

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