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E-Learning E-Learning

In Al-kindy College of medicine we always give our thanks and appreciation to everyone who contributes in supporting the scientific movement forward and encourage all the creative energies that seek to reach this goal.

color coded surgery   color coded surgery

Among a series of persistent and permanent activities at Al-kindy college of Medicine continuing education lectures at the college where erected on the conference hall of the college / Baghdad University

Continuous development Continuous development

Our college Al-Kindy college of medicine is always looking for to develop and improve the performance of its staff in order to be in the best picture for boosting the name of our dear country and our university tradition.

Foundations and concepts of reliability Foundations and concepts of reliability

Our efforts in order to reach international quality standards are continuing and many, At the conference hall in al- kindy college of Medicine which is one of the formations  of Baghdad University

Infertility and fetal abnormalities Infertility and fetal abnormalities

New year began full of activity and science and knowledge and global cooperation, at the conference room in Al-Kindy college of medicine laid Dr Rahim Haloub Specialist gynecology and obstetrics from England and Dr Chantelle Raja

medical workshop-part2 medical workshop-part2

With the name of god began the second day of medical education workshop that established by a branch of Community in Al-Kindy college of Medicine and at the Conference Hall at the college

Medical Workshop Medical Workshop

Our goal to create a medical educational tutorial serving  all aspects of society in general and doctors in particular in Iraq, where the more Health-aware society where more  developed.The doctor has significant responsibility  in addition of carrying a humanity message and to preserve the lives of patients ,he have a greater responsibility in inherited of medical information and knowledge to the new generation to create Doctors aware and educated.

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