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Global Relation Global Relation

continuous permanent global renaissance taking place in Al-Kindy college of Medicine continuously it is in this series continued hard work and communicate scientific world held on the ground of Al-Kindy college of Medicine

The Second Advanced Course in Medical Education The Second Advanced Course in Medical Education

Al-Kindy Medical College assess the second advanced course in medical education for the period from 11/04/2012 until 11/08/2012 for teachers (medical group exclusively)

Honored by your presence Honored by your presence

bend my head to you modest my beloved university and extend my thanks and gratitude to you for your interest and your care.
It is part of a series of prenatal care and attention given by our university mother Baghdad University to our Al-Kindy college of  medicine the professor Dr. Riad Aziz Hadi Assistant Rector for Academic Affairs made a visit to our college

U.S. Postgraduate Training Authorization U.S. Postgraduate Training Authorization

all religions and urged Confirmed to good work and always for all the work and effort is a great result achieve and accomplish this work

thank you my beloved mother thank you my beloved mother

Mother is the greatest wordalthough it is small, but it holds the greatest meanings found in the universe, and that's exactly description when called on the name of the University of Baghdad the Motherland of University.

Announcement to all students Announcement to all students

Monthly trips

Congratulations of progress Congratulations of progress

For every hard work and diligence there is a result equivalent to this fatigue and effort that's what we grew up when we were young and we touched daily when we are adult

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